December 19, 2007

Are You Bold Enough To Write A Bestseller?

I recently read an excellent article about 'writing a bestseller' from Creative Writing Blog, and I thought I should share a few more tips on this topic. The article provided 3 things to consider before writing a book that could become a bestseller.

Of course, an author who has previously published several books typically stands a better chance of making the bestsellers list than a new author, but it is important that aspiring writers increase the chances of their novels being bestsellers.

Here are a few tips to consider when writing a book that could become a bestseller:

OUT of your comfort zone

Writing what you already know might be considered as a work of short story. So in order to get out of your comfort zone, write what you don't expect yourself writing. Of course that requires research on your part. For example, Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code, an international bestseller was seen as very controversial and that shows that he didn't just write what could be considered as a cliché, but rather an out-of-your-comfort-zone novel.

FORGET the clichés

This might sound a bit unethical to some:), but it is worth mentioning. As an aspiring writer, you should focus on stories that would not seem like a remake of a film. You've got to write something that has probably never been written before. Think! There's got to be something! In my opinion, the reason that some of John Grisham's novels are viewed as international bestsellers, even if some critics might call some of them clichés is because Grisham has already established himself as a the master of legal thrillers. So forget those clichés. Write what you know bestselling authors like John Grisham has never written before and probably will never write about.

TELL your readers more

Yeah, you've got to. Many people or readers know about certain stories, events, happenings, etc, but you have to tell them what they don't know. Of course, a work of fiction is a product of your imagination and creativity, but there are also certain information that your readers should know based on your storyline that could make your novel a bestseller. In Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code, he exposes readers to secrets, mysteries and shocking revelations that makes you wonder. And remember, it need not be the real truth. That's why it's called fiction!

Above all, I agree with the author of Creative Writing Blog who advised that you should keep in mind that the reason for your writing a novel is not for it to become a bestseller, rather because you are passionate about the story. Besides, you should be less interested in making money.

So are you bold enough to write a bestseller?

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