December 08, 2007

Is John Grisham Playing for Politics?

Could this saying: "One's a politician, always a politician", be the right thing to say considering John Grisham's career? There could be many reasons to say yes.

John Grisham, the master of legal thrillers was master of ceremonies last Thursday for a holiday-themed fundraiser in Washington for U.S. Presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton. Grisham also appeared at a fundraiser with Clinton last September in Charlottesville, Virginia where he resides.

Wait! There's more...

Some Hillary supporters won the chance to watch a recent presidential debate on TV with Bill at an apartment with lots of food - especially pizza! Watch the video from the party here. Though it is not certain if it was John Grisham who was sitting next to Bill Clinton at the TV debate party, I'd like to think that it was.

If you watch the video, you'll notice that 'Grisham' didn't make a comment or even say a word. Perhaps he was too busy with his thoughts about a new book? Again, why was the main course of the party- PIZZA? Could Grisham be influencing politics also with the choice of dinner meals? Hmm!

Grisham's career as an ex-lawyer has seen him becoming a former Democratic state legislator in Mississippi before his literary career blossomed in the early 1990s.

So then, is he really playing for politics?

Photo Credits: AP

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