January 09, 2008

The Times Lists Greatest British Writers Since 1945

Erica Wagner of The Times recently wrote an article which introduced "The Times list of the Greatest British Writers Since 1945". The list was presented to stir up an argument into the new year.

But the list raises questions the criteria for considering the best postwar British writers, doesn't it? Because there was no scientific method for the analysis and then the results, certain factors were considered - sheer quality of writing, longevity, lasting impact, commercial success and wait a minute...nationality???

The list which includes novelists, poets, writers of nonfiction, etc comprises of names such as George Orwell, Ted Hughes, Doris Lessing (on the top 10), Ian Fleming, Ian McEwan, J.K. Rowling amongst others. It was a list of 50.

View the list of the 50 Greatest British Writers here at The Times. You might find your favorite British writer.

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Laura said...

It's an interesting list. Thanks for sharing it.