November 01, 2007

Social Networking for Writers & Filmmakers at StoryLink

The Writers Store®, the premier resource center for writers and filmmakers worldwide, has announced the official launch of StoryLink - the first social networking website specifically created for screenwriters and filmmakers.

StoryLink offers members countless opportunities to network with professional and aspiring creatives and to promote, share and market their materials or services. StoryLink is the only online destination that combines the crafts of screenwriting and filmmaking in one community.

A unique feature of StoryLink, is that it allows members to hire expert freelancers and professional firms geared toward their creative needs - a feature found in GetAFreeLancer. Thus, members rate their service professionals and companies with a unique five-star system for the benefit of the entire StoryLink community.

Since its beta launch in March 2007, over three thousand media creatives have joined StoryLink. To date, over two hundred contests and hundreds of events have been listed.

Visit StoryLink and get linked!

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