November 19, 2007

Are NaNoWriMo writers on pace?

I have called this month, "Novel November" in my earlier post about the National Novel Writing Month - an annual event that invites aspiring writers to create a 50,000-word novel, about 175 pages during the month of November.

Actually, I was dared by this challenge and started out from the first of November, but couldn't keep up with my writing. What a shame! Yeah, I'd be better prepared next year:-) But, with 18 days into this year's contest, some writers are almost there though others are yet to go halfway.

I've been opportune to read a few excerpts from some writer's novel. One participant says, "Somewhere in the book, I am going to have to probably kill off one of the characters. That sucks, because I like my characters, and seeing as how I based them around people I actually know, it's even harder". Yeah, that's really some challenge, huh? Being a writer isn't easy, but being a murderer in your book? You'd get the cops on your trail!

Well, as the race becomes radical and the pace becomes powerful, we'd wish all participants of the NaNoWriMo to keep their eyes on the tracks.

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