November 14, 2007

Online Community for Writers at Helium

Helium is an online community of fellow writers who have a career in marketing but know more about killing crabgrass than anyone else; people who work in the post office but have raised five honors students; ex-teachers who love to write and writers who love to teach.

At, writers can connect with other writers who have similar interests or mentor a new writer. Members can join a moderated discussion forum, in order to discuss trends in writing or improve their writing in the Writers’ Workshops or ask questions of a Team Helium member or just share their thoughts.

Helium’s Marketplace is the only place on the web where publishers are posting the titles they need articles for right now. Helium's partner publishers pay from $20 to $200 for each selected article, so writers can earn more when their article is the one picked by the publisher.

Members can also participate in fun and interesting writing contests at Helium which inspire writers to greater heights and increased earnings.

Does video game violence cause it in real life? Should smoking be allowed in public places? Who would win in a fight: Superman or Batman? Whatever the subject, Helium brings civility back to the Internet. Pick your side in a debate, write a compelling article and compete with others for the best argument.

Sign up and start having fun!

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