December 05, 2007

Oddpodz Creatively Connects People With The Muzeum

Oddpodz, is a social networking site for creative people. Oddpodz launched its Beta site earlier this year and in six months, the network has grown rapidly with creative thinkers. What could be the attraction to Oddpodz?

Well, Oddpodz social networking members are not teenagers, in fact, their average age is 37. They are from all over the world; they're super creative and they primarily work as professionals in creative service industries, such as ad and marketing agencies, PR firms, and many are business entrepreneurs. They want more purposeful content that provides information to help grow their businesses; they need help locating trusted resources; and they would like to have a place online to go to be inspired to tackle creative challenges. And that has not been a challenge for Oddpodz.

But could there be something else? My curiousity paid off as I found out a place where creatives from around the world meet new friends, socialize, find inspiration, collaborate, express themselves, get entertained and do business - The Muzeum.

The Muzeum has interesting features such as the lobby, lounge, auditorium, triage, exhibits, pod garden and basement. There is also Cash for Creative, where members can get cash for their creative ideas.

Oddpodz, LLC was founded in January 2006 by entrepreneurs Karen Post and Jocelyn Ring. Karen is an international branding expert, consultant and speaker. She has been featured in a broad range of media outlets -- including Bloomberg TV, CBS Early Show, The New York Times, The New York Post, NPR, Fast Company and The Boston Globe, and her writing is published internationally, including a monthly column she's been writing for since 2004. She is also the author of Brain Tattoos: Creating Unique Brands That Stick in Your Customers' Minds (AMACOM 2005). Jocelyn Ring is a former investment banker and brand strategy consultant.


Jocelyn said...

thanks for the nice comments and feeback. most importantly, we're so happy that you joined Oddpodz. We've got TONS more in the works, so stay tuned....
Jocelyn Ring

Loy Okezie said...

jocelyn - hmm, thought i should spy you guys a bit;-) good work! i'd keep an eye on 'oddpodz' until you disappoint me...:)