December 04, 2007

Writer's Ultimate Resource Guide 2008

Writer's Digest, the world's leading magazine for writers is maintaining it's trademark as the world's best writers' resource online. Founded in 1920, the online resource for writers is offering 65 pages of the best information available for working writers, from the hottest markets to the coolest websites—all piled into a single disc!

The disc's enhanced PDF format provides bookmarks that allow for easy navigation, hundreds of active links to take you straight to the Web, and easy keyword searches that make research faster and easier.

In addition to the new writing software, writing contests and more than 400 writing organizations, the site offers features such as "101 best websites for writers", "100 top markets for books and magazines", "22 agents who want your work" as well as answers to common and compelling writing questions.

Order The Writer's Ultimate Resource Guide 2008 here!

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