December 26, 2007

Why Books Are The Best Christmas Gifts

Christmas has become a time of the year when people share gifts to loved ones (amongst other things). For many the choice gift will be electronics such as digital cameras, mobile phones, computers, mp3 players, etc

As Christmas may be seen as an electric holiday with strings of blinking light bulbs adorning colorful displays and trees throughout the city and in many homes, people would naturally think of giving a gift that would serve to electrify their recipients. Makes sense doesn't it?

But while one could spend hours with these electronic gadgets, would it still be electrifying when you hit the off switch? Hmm, here comes that feeling of isolation. Then hunger for more! We can communicate and trade ideas easier and faster than ever, and do it across the globe, but this 'fast food' for the mind may sometimes leave us frustrated and isolated.

Now, don't get me wrong. I use electronic gadgets too, but ideally with moderation.

Books, on the other hand, are what I would call "the right mental cure for our technology-infested mind". Reading a good book leaves you satisfied and secure. Finishing a favorite book, is a lot like enjoying a holiday dinner. It’s the mental equivalent of being full.

In an article by TheMurfreesboro Post, you can find 10 reasons why a book makes a great gift as shown below:

1. With books, there are no sizes to remember. One size fits all.
2. Books are child friendly; there are no small, hazardous parts to choke on.
3. Easy to wrap.
4. Books have zero calories and no fat grams.
5. No batteries required.
6. Fit any budget.
7. Stories last forever.
8. Reading is relaxing.
9. Shopping in bookstores is fun.
10. Choosing the right book for someone is the height of thoughtfulness.

The article encouraged that while you’re powering up the electronics, don’t forget to power up your head by buying a book for yourself and for someone else this season.

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