December 29, 2007

Would You Like To Be A Book Critic's Critic?

Recently, I have found myself very interested in the reviews of book critics that I sometimes criticize some of their views and opinions. Most times I wonder their criteria for choosing the books they write reviews about. I am talking about full-time book critics of The New York Times.

Despite being immersed in books they find appealing, as the nearly 300 books chosen for the daily reviews in The New York Times have been culled from tens of thousands of volumes published each year, these critics acknowledge that their favorites meet criteria that any reader will recognize. They are books that are disappointing only because they have to end. They’re the ones they mention to friends. They’re the ones worth taking on vacation, and they are well executed, whatever their genre or subject matter.

The NY Times critics present their own favorite lists based on their own reviews published in 2007 as found in this article.

Review these lists and maybe you can be on your road to becoming a book critic's critic! Here are more lists in the NY Times 100 Notable Books of the Year and more here in the NY Times 10 Best Books of 2007.

Update: View more reviewer favorite's here.


Photo Credits: Lars Klove for The New York Times

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