December 30, 2007

Have You Taken The Books Quiz At Guardian Unlimited?

The Guardian Unlimited wants to know if you were paying attention to the news that made the year 2007 a busy one for books, authors and the like. Were you paying attention or just too busy to be in the know?

Why not take the definitive test and find out...

Personally, it was very tasking! When I scrolled down to see the nature of questions, I was intimidated. I had to start by answering the questions I knew and somehow did a bit of research for the ones I didn't know or wasn't too sure about. Here are my results of the book quiz.

I then received this automated response about my score as found below:

You scored 26 out of a possible 32
You’re disturbingly spot-on, and so cultured that you’re alienating your friends, frankly. You need to think about something other than books next year. Time to take up salsa dancing and start watching Big Brother.
That got me laughing! Indeed, the book quiz really helped me to keep myself up-to-date about what made the news around books and authors in 2007. That was time well spent researching!

If you are ready to take the book quiz now go to Guardian Unlimited.

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