December 31, 2007

The 10 Best Posts of WritersCrunch in 2007!

It was an interesting year for me for so many reasons. Most importantly, I started this blog in October 2007, though I had been blogging since late 2006 for other sites. Since I wrote my first post on this blog, my passion has not quenched.

Here, I'm presenting to you my 10 best posts since October 2007 to date especially for new readers and my current subscribers too.

They are...

Amazon Reveals Itself As J.K. Rowlings Fairy Tales Buyer

Are You Bold Enough to Write A Bestseller?

Would You Like To Be A Books Critic's Critic?

Why Are My (or You) A Blogger?

Is John Grisham Playing For Politics?

Could Any Spy Thriller Be Told Better Than "An Ordinary Spy"?

Do Authors A-U-T-O-B-I-O-G-R-A-P-H in Fiction?

Are Authors 'Writing For Pizza'?

How's Life After NaNo?

WritersCrunch is One Month Today!

I hope to continue posting and profiling on WritersCrunch from January 2008 and really appreciate your readership and comments. If you would like me to write about your blog or profile your posts free of charge, please send me an email.

Have a Great Year 2008!

P.S. Watch out for a post on January 1st about new books to be published in 2008.

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